Sydney Whale Watching – One activity that might have slipped your radar 

If you are planning a trip to Sydney, there are obviously many things to see and do, and rather than just turning up, you should carefully consider all of the options that Sydney has to offer the tourist. One such activity is whale watching, which is a booming industry, as more and more tourists and locals alike, look to experience these majestic creatures close up.


The unique Humpback Whale

To be able to actually get close to Humpback Whales as they go through a range of surface behaviours, including breaching, when the entire body leaves the water, is something that is hard to describe using mere words. Imagine something the size of a bus launching itself into the air, to come crashing down onto the surface, and you are somewhere close.


When is whale watching season?

When whale watching in Sydney, the best time to witness Humpbacks, Minke and Blue Whales is from May to August, which is regarded as the high season for whale watching, as this is when the animals travel to and from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic region. Obviously, you need to bring your video camera, plus ample SD storage in case you get lucky – some whales seem like they deliberately put on a show for the observers.


Online solutions

Even if your planned trip to Sydney isn’t until later this year, you can still go ahead and book your spot of one of the best whale-watching boats, indeed going in the high season means peak demand, so the sooner you make your group booking, the better. A Google search will take you to a leading tour organiser who employs the best skippers, who seem to have the uncanny ability of finding the whales as they pass through.


Research for added enjoyment

While you could simply turn up and be witness to some amazing surface behaviours, you’d get so much more out of the experience if you did a little online research. Learn all about their migratory routes and where they raise their young, plus you should research their surface behaviour, which will give you a better understanding of what’s happening.


Great for the Kids

As parents, we all have a duty to nurture a love of nature in our kids, who, after all, will be picking up the baton in the race to save the planet. If your children understand just how close whales came to extinction, they will appreciate the need for conservation programs around the world, and seeing these amazing animals up close really in an experience not to be missed.


Multiple Bookings

If you are staying in the Sydney are for a week or more, why not book a couple of whale watching excursions, which increases your chances of witnessing a classic ‘completely out of the water’ breach. When you go out for the second time, you know what to expect and when the whales are in view, you can film and take still image shots to your heart’s desire.


Visiting Sydney wouldn’t be complete without a whale watching trip, and with online solutions, you can make a booking in a matter of minutes and prepare for what will be an awesome experience that you’ll never forget.









Post Author: Sadie Sean